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How to Clean a Beaded dress?

Many people always wash the beaded dress by the way of dry-clean, as they are nervous about washing a beaded gown for fear that the beads will come loose or fall off. Although most formal beaded gowns do not get too messy or sweaty, there are times when they just need to be cleaned. Some fabrics cannot be dry-cleaned and must be washed at home. If you have only a few spots, washing a gown is not that difficult. Washing the entire beaded gown does not have to be difficult, either. Simply take your time, and soon your dress will look like new. 

1.Fill a bathtub or large sink with cold water.
2.Add a mild, liquid detergent that is recommended for use with hand-washing. A popular brand is Wool-Lite. You also can use dishwashing soap.
3.Submerge the gown in the water. You can leave it there for a few minutes or get started right away with the washing process.
4.Use a washcloth to carefully and softly scrub at spots you see. If they are tiny spots between beads, use a soft toothbrush.
5.Rinse the dress several times to ensure that all the soap gets out of it.
6.Lay the dress on a large towel, and place another towel on top. Press firmly to get as much excess water out as possible.
7.Lay the dress on another dry towel to dry it completely.


How to Clean Sequins dress?

  Just like leather, silk, wool, and other delicate fabrics, dresses made with sequins require more care to maintain their high quality.
  Sequins are stunning decorative accessories that are very popular in the world of fashion, and are featured on many garments during fashion week.  They are very popular on wedding dresses, prom dresses and other formal ladies’ attire.  But they are not as popular when it comes to cleaning either at home or at the dry cleaners.
  Knowledgeable, professional dry cleaners will provide special care for sequined dresses.  But some dry cleaners refuse to dry clean this type of garment because of the problems with sequins.
  Caring For Sequined Clothes
  If you want to try and care for your sequined dresses at home, here are a few tips:
  ■For starters, if you see a loose thread, don't pull on it!  This is good advice when it comes to any garment, not just those that may need dry cleaning, as it could compromise the make of the clothing. Sequins are often held together with a delicate system of thread, and pulling the thread from one loose sequin could unhinge an entire row!
  ■As soon as you take off your sequined dress, shirt, or skirt, hang it up immediately.  Throwing it over a chair or onto the floor will make it more susceptible to snags, and could even bend the sequins if stepped on.
  ■Be careful when spot-cleaning a sequined garment.  Some sequined garments may require less dry cleaning than other clothing because the sequins act as a protector to the fabric. A small spill can usually be taken care of with spot-cleaning, but if you rub the garment too roughly or vigorously you could cause further damage to the sequins or the fabric.
  ■Pay attention to where you are walking, and avoid corners and sharp edges. Snagging your garment on something is a sure way to lower its quality, because it can stretch, rip, or in other ways compromise the fabric.
  ■Notice whether the sequins are sewn in or glued on the dress or blouse. Sequins that are sewn on are more stable and likely to last longer with proper care. Sequins that are glued on can more readily fall off if cleaned in hot water. If the glue melts, the sequins will fall off.  So try to use cold water whenever the care label allows.
  ■If washing sequined clothes at home, hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle by itself. Sequins can get snagged easily so it is usually best to hand wash such a garment if it can be washed. Let it air dry if possible. The less agitation, the better.
  Ask your dry cleaner for more tips and recommendations to ensure the best care of your sequined dresses.